First blog post

One of those much needed days you cant help but honestly look at you by you.


Hi everyone,

I can’t exactly say I know what i want to share with you on this first post on my new blog; but i sure know that i feel very bored and stagnant with my life right now. You know that feeling you get when you are just tired, mentally, physically not so much, emotionally drained yeah, feeling unmotivated much…

So I woke up today after working all week and i was too lazy to clean, shower, pray , read a book or just do anything : Am i depressed? hmm most definitely not, am in a good place in my life, not perfect, but a good place, not where i ultimately want to be but a good place. Now that is what i find challenging as i confront my worst fears, fear of complacency, settling in to a comfort Zone, a place of no dreams, a world of drifters, eat, drink, laugh, dance and be merry.

please don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with all that, as a woman i find it is very important to learn to just be, it’s an art, it’s a gift every woman in my opinion must give to herself, it’s very important as it rejuvenate’s the inner mind, our soul, our spirits and brings the true essence and beauty of a woman from the inside out, the kind of beauty that nurtures, gives peace and rest and beckons to all around to come partake of its healing power.

Back to me; the month of May is fast approaching and counting down it will be about eighteen days to my 33rd birthday. Ouch am going to be 33 and still unmarried, with a seven years old relationship. But that’s not the focus of today’s post, will give a special birthday post about that.

Point is, i am not dreaming, i am not striving, i am not daring, i am not being consistent, i am not working on me, i am not working out to keep fit anymore, i don’t like the place i am regarding the use of my tongue, yes the small side talks, murmuring, complaining, gossips, no matter how innocent the seem to be, i feel prideful too and kind words have been scarce from my lips towards my loved ones of late, just dont feel like it and God isn’t feeling me either.

Am I a horrible person? No, i think when you ask around, i can get a lot of rev of being one of the nicest woman around, but come on, i believe we women battle with all this feelings and habits, and character flaws that we try so hard to hide rather than face them and deal with it one step at a time.

so yeah, so I took to my computer and said what the heck.. let me find some sisters in the house who can identify with all this legion of feelings amidst, the hectic demands of life and remind ourselves that this is common, we all go through it, but must importantly we can come out of it and be better people as we progress through life.

This blog is about lifestyle change, the one that starts from the inside out, from our minds, our thinking and translates  into something precious, something beautiful. We are responsible for our happiness and if you want to find that true happiness and inner peace, come along with me on this step by step  journey to loving us.

Yours Truly

Joy Zwalde